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ggg                                                FARGANA KAH4-BA2T,
gradually consolidating a considerable estate out of lands which for the roost part
they first held only in mortgage. The head of the firm in their native village,
•where they have been settled for many generations, is by name Harideva, with
whom is associated in partnership his nephew, Chunni Lai, son of a deceased
brother, Isvari. Besides owning three parts of Jagadis pur, they have also shares
in Daulat-pur, Habib-pur, Karab, Kakarari, Sahora, Wairani, and 16 other
Tillages, producing a net income of Us 12?572. A brother of Harideva's, by
name Piiran Mall, has a separate estate, being part proprietor of Bahadur-pur
Itauli, &c., while a relative, Baladeva, living at Gokiil, has a further income of
Es, 13,311 derived from trade and lands that he owns at Daghaita and Arhera
in the Mathura pargana. This letter's father, Param Sukh, was the brother
of Hira-mani, Harideva's father; and it was their father Jawahir—nicknamed
JCuteliya, ' the pedlar'—son of another Harideva, who began in a very small
way to form a nucleus for the fortune which his descendants hare so rapidly
The 8aiyids of Hahd-ban (see page 13), though of inferior wealth, have
claims to a more ancient and honorable pedigree. They have a joint income
of Rs. 6,084? drawn chiefly from the township of Maha-ban and the villages of
Nagara BharUj Gohar-pur, Shahpur Ghosna, and JSfarauli: but the shareholders
are so numerous that no one of them is in affluent circumstances.
The Pachhauris of Gokharauli have a joint income estimated at Rs. 10,695.
The most prominent person among them is Kalyan Sinn, and the actual
head of the family, the Thakurani Pran Kunwar, his cousin Bakhtawar Sinh's
widow, has adopted one of his sons, by name Earn Chand. They trace their
descent from one Bhtipat Sinh of Savaran-khera in the small central India state
of Bhadatura? who came from thence to settle at Satoha—a village between
Mathnii and Gobardhan* There h© died and also his son, Parasu-ra"m Sinh ;
but the grandson, Piiran Chand, removed to Gokharauli, where he acquired
large possessions in the time of the Mahrattas. At the present day there is
not a single- village in the old pargana of Maha-ban, in which his descendants
have not some share^ though it may often be a small one. In several they are
sole proprietors^ and they have other estates in the Agra district. At the out-
break of the mutiny, the fort of G-okharauli was surprised and taken in the
absence of the head of the family, Ballabh Sinh, grandson of Puran Chand.
It was? however^ soon after recovered by him and his consin, Kalyan Sinh? the
Bisdldar Major in the 17th Begiment; and their great local iniiuenc© further
enabled them to raise a large body of voluoteers in pursuit of the rebel army.
tihe distabanees were over, Ballabh Sinh was appointed tahsildar of